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Pet Care Store: Online Pet Store India

Pets at home play an important role in bringing cheer, enjoyment, happiness, safety to your house and family members. At pet care store, the favourite online pet store in India, we offer different facilities for pets. We have various breeds of puppies at the online pet store. This pet shop also provides you with the best quality accessories, supplements for pets, etc.

New Puppy or Kitten?

Discover everything you need to make
them feel at home

Services for dogs 

Pet Care Store, everyone’s favourite pet shop in India, offers you the best quality pet products for their health and wellness. To keep your pet in the best condition physically and mentally, we have pet food, pet grooming products, health care products for pets, from top brands in India. 

  • We have shown the collection of foods and nutrition for all the available dog breeds on our website. 
  • We have a few of the toys and dog supplements for their physical and mental health. 
  • In case, if there is a health issue with your pet dog, we also provide you with the best quality veterinary service.
  • Scratching posts are also available at the pet care store for your pet cats to reduce the hair loss of cats and to reduce their stress. 
  • Pet care store also offers a service to train your pet dog. 
  • Insurance for dogs and their adoption is also available. 
Services for Cats 
  • Pet care store has gravy, canned and dry food to feed your cats. 
  • Similar to dogs, we also offer toys, accessories for cats, and veterinary services for cats. 
  • Pet care store also offers insurance for cats. 
  • Trays and Litter Boxes from a few of the popular brands keep outstanding hygiene in your cats.

if you want to avail of any of the above services, pet products at discounted prices, you are just a step away from us. Our pet shop is available 24×7 for you.