German Shepherd Puppy for sale in Bangalore

Are you planning to buy a german shepherd Puppy and want to know more about the breed? Are you looking german shepherd puppy for sale in Bangalore? We are right here that will help you adopt a puppy, a german shepherd For Sale In Bangalore at an inexpensive german shepherd Price In Bangalore.

We can provide you with affordable and reasonable german shepherd puppy prices in Bangalore.



Similar to human beings, different dog species have different behaviors. Pet lovers give an upper edge to buying puppies depending on their behavior, size, versatility, and habits. If you are planning to have a pet, you can consider German Shepherd puppies in Bangalore. They look like handsome wolves, they are playful and intelligent.

A Small Introduction About German Shepherd Puppies.

German Shepherd is a species of medium to large-sized puppies of German origin. They are energetic and large dogs with strong muscular bodies. They are well known for their courage, confidence, steadiness, and loyalty.

German Shepherd Puppies for sale in Bangalore are tall up to 26 inches at their shoulders. Males are up to 90 pounds and females are up to 70 pounds in weight.

They are generally available in different colours like sable, black, black and silver, black and red, tan and black, grey.
German shepherds are great to play buddies, Watchful guards, and wonderful pets, considering their level of energy and loyalty.

German Shepherd price in Bangalore

If you wish to buy a German shepherd puppy but are confused, We are here to help you in choosing the healthiest and best puppy. You just need to contact us, we will take care of the rest of the things. Moreover, talking about the price, it ranges from RS 20000 to RS 100000.

Advantages Of Bringing A German Shepherd Puppies to Home in Bangalore

  • They rarely face any issue with their health, as their immune system is strong.
  • They are well known for their grasping power, which makes them quick learners. They naturally follow commands and take less time for training.
  • German Shepherds are a breed of dogs that can withstand any season change. They adjust to the change in-season without any health issues.

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