Labrador Puppy for Sale in Bangalore

Are you planning to buy a labrador Puppy and want to know more about the breed? Are you looking labrador puppy for sale in Bangalore? We are right here that will help you adopt a puppy, labrador For Sale In Bangalore at an inexpensive labrador Price In Bangalore.

We can provide you with affordable and reasonable labrador puppy prices in Bangalore.



Your life is always safe and secure when a dog is a part of your family. Whether you are looking to spend some time with, to make sure you are safe with the help of a guard, or your jogging partner in the morning.

Labrador Puppies Price in Bangalore

If you wish for the same to have a dog at your home, we Pet Care Store have an adorable breed of Labrador puppies for sale in Bangalore. Our team makes sure that you get a playful, healthy, and cute lab puppy at an affordable price in Bangalore. The price ranges from 30k to 80k rupees. 

You don’t have to do much effort, as our team will help you and will make all important processes to make the puppies available for you. You just need to contact us.  

A Small Introduction About Labrador Puppies.

Labrador or Labrador Retriever is a dog breed of Canadian origin, imported to the UK as a fishing dog, and developed for hunting purposes. They are friendly, joyful, and passionate. 

Their height can go up to 24.5 inches at the shoulder. Talking about their weights, males weigh up to 80 pounds, and females can weigh up to 70 pounds. Labradors are available in different colours like black, chocolate, yellow with beautiful eyes and a white head. When they are excited, their otter tail keeps wagging. 

Advantages Of Bringing A Labrador Puppies to Home in Bangalore

  • They are happy puppies. When we see their faces, they look adorable and make us happy. 
  • They were originally developed for hunting, are intelligent, and easy to train. 
  • Labradors are gifted with patience. Unlike other breeds, they will wait patiently when you prepare a meal for them. 
  • They love to play with water. 
  • Labrador’s friendly nature makes them unique. 

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