Siberian husky puppy for Sale in Bangalore


Are you planning to buy a siberian husky Puppy and want to know more about the breed? Are you looking Siberian husky puppy for sale in Bangalore? We are right here that will help you adopt a puppy, a Siberian husky For Sale In Bangalore at an inexpensive Siberian husky Price In Bangalore.

We can provide you with affordable and reasonable Siberian husky puppy prices in Bangalore.



Husky or Siberian husky puppies for sale in Bangalore are the favorite of many pet lovers. They deserve all the attention and affection when they are taken out by their owner. This breed is independent and intelligent. Husky puppies are not aggressive in temperaments. The Husky puppy breed has multi-colored or blue eyes, and also a thick and beautiful coat with different colours and markings.

Husky Puppies Price In Bangalore

If you are intending to acquire a husky for sale in Bangalore, our group at Pet Care Store is always ready to help you. Just reach out to us for husky puppies. Our team will provide you with a healthy and decent puppy. Its price range is 30 to 80 thousand rupees.

A Small Introduction About Husky Puppies.

The husky is a dog breed of medium size of British and Canadian origin. They have beautiful triangular ears. The purpose of developing them was to pull light loads on snow.
Husky Puppies for sale in Bangalore are 20 to 24 inches in height at their shoulders. The average weight range of males is up to 60 pounds and that of females is up to 50 pounds. Talking about life span, it is 10 to 14 years. They are energetic, attractive to look at, and compatible to live in countries like India.

Advantages Of Bringing Husky Puppies to Home in Bangalore

  • They are beautiful-looking dogs, seeking the attention of many people to look at them.
  • They are energetic and have high stamina levels.
  • They are cute and charming to look at.
  • It is economical to maintain them.
  • Husky is developed enough to realize the concept of personal space and would never interfere with your privacy.
  • They are relatively clean and odorless compared to other breeds.
  • One problem with huskies is, they are hard to train.

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