Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale in Mumbai

Are you planning to buy a siberian husky Puppy and want to know more about the breed? Are you looking siberian husky puppy for sale in Mumbai? We are right here that will help you adopt a puppy, Siberian husky For Sale In Mumbai at an inexpensive Siberian husky Price In Mumbai.

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Siberian Husky Price In Mumbai: Get A Husky On Reasonable Price

A Siberian Husky would be the best for you if you desire a buddy who never leaves your side and is there for you through thick and thin. You may keep huskies as your watchdog despite their friendliness. They make ideal watchdogs because of their intellect, barking, and wailing. During the night, though, they can be hostile toward unwanted strangers.

When Siberian huskies are born, they have blue eyes on both sides. However, one of their eyes adjusts to a different color hue after a few months. It distinguishes this dog breed. These alterations, however, will not be seen in a few Siberian Huskies.

Height, Weight, And Life Span

Normally, a male puppy of generic Siberian Husky breed weighs around 20 Kgs- 27 kgs whereas the female is of 17 kgs- 23kgs. The average height of male puppies ranges from 42 cm to 55 cm while for females it is around 40 cm to 52 cm. Talking about their life span, generally, a Siberian Husky lives around 11 to 13 years and the litter size of a female Siberian husky is of 6-9 puppies.

An average Siberian Husky costs around INR 40,000 to INR 90,000 across Mumbai. This price may go up to 1 lakh as it depends upon the reputation of the breeder and the purity of the breed. Some breeders sell cross-breed Siberian Husky puppies, so always purchase from a reputed one only. Siberian Husky pups have short hair and a medium-length rough coat. These are available in black and white, red and white, and tri-color in India.

Siberian Huskies are kids-friendly with a high energy level and affection. It is simple to train Siberian Huskies. Socialization is necessary for their mental health to improve. Instead of using physical punishment or scolding, try to be soft and patient with them.

Final Words Before Buying A Siberian Husky

A Husky, unlike any other dog breed, requires a lot of time and money to care for. Huskies cannot live in India’s hot and humid environment without the use of air conditioning. These are working dogs who need to be exercised on a regular basis, but you can’t take them for a run when it’s scorching outside.

Siberian husky puppies price in Mumbai is highly dependent on the quality of the dog. A direct import’s litter might cost more than one lakh rupees. We do not advise purchasing pups from direct imports. Look for pups born to Huskies reared in India instead. Imported puppies have a higher chance of adapting to our conditions than puppies bred in India.

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