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Pets are companions for some and some want pets as their playmates, isn’t it? If you are going to buy a pet for the first time and are struggling to find a perfect breed, then we have got you, buddy!

What pet comes to your mind when you think about all sorts of pets? Look, there are countless varieties of pets. So we don’t want you to struggle while finding your perfect match for a pet which is why we’ve researched a bit.

You have already guessed from the title that we are going to talk about Indian Spitz puppy prices in India in this article. Well well well, if some of you are already in search of Indian Spitz Price in India then your battle ends here.

This article is going to put an end to all your queries. Stick to its end to discover Indian Spitz dog prices in India.

This is a native Indian dog breed. It belongs to the Spitz type of dog breed. You are not the first person to get confused between Indian Spitz and Pomeranian. They are not the same. Indian Spitz is adorable and popular. They are highly adaptable and intelligent.

Indian Spitz is an ancient breed. They are also a different breed of dog as compared to regular breeds. Their fluffy fur makes them look adorable. Their one smile is enough to melt your heart. As of now, the breed is high on demand which is why we are here to disclose the exact Indian Spitz Price in India.

NameIndian Spitz
Life expectancy12-15 years
Height8-10 inches (small size), 14-17 inches (large size)
Wright5-7 kgs (small size), 15-20 kgs (large size)

A playful, energetic, friendly, loving, and cute Indian Spitz can be a great companion. They are adaptable, independent, and highly intelligent. Always try to buy from a certified seller and never forget to ensure originality beforehand.

To be honest, Indian Spitz is usually a budget-friendly breed as compared to the rest of the breeds. Their prices are quite flexible and affordable. So you can easily buy this breed without making a home in your pocket.

How much does Indian Spitz cost?

If you are planning to buy a unique, independent, and highly intelligent breed, then Indian Spitz is your perfect match. They are quite smart. You can easily train them. Most interestingly, they can easily adapt anywhere.

Let’s take a quick look at Indian Spitz prices-

CityPriceOverall monthly expenses

Now let’s check out the factors on which Indian Spitz dog price in India depends-

  • Quality
  • Location
  • Demand and supply

First things first, quality comes over anything. As you have already witnessed that prices are quite flexible from place to place. Mixed breeds are available too.

They are not that expensive. Price may go up to 8000 Indian Rupees. Apart from quality, location, the reputation of the breeder, demand and supply matter too.

Feeding,  Vaccination and Grooming Cost of Indian Spitz

Have you ever imagined how many responsibilities will jump on your shoulder once you decide to buy a pet? Their health check-up, grooming, feeding cost equally matter.

It’s your first and foremost responsibility to take care of their food habits. You can easily feed them homemade foods. It’s better to feed them healthy foods like boiled eggs, roti, curd, fruits, vegetables, rice etc. Always try protein-rich foods. Chicken and fish can meet up their protein requirements.

Never feed them chocolates, nuts, grapes, raw meat, and avocado. Make them drink the right amount of water too. Monthly feeding expenses will not exceed 1000 rupees.

You should definitely take care of their vaccination schedule. Once they become 6-7 weeks old, you should start their vaccination. In order to keep them healthy and to prevent diseases like hepatitis, polio, parvovirus, it’s extremely necessary to stick to the vaccination schedule.

Now let’s talk about grooming. You have to save a few minutes every day to take care of their grooming. Grooming includes hygiene, bathing, toileting, and feeding.

You must have already witnessed their fluffy look, right? Isn’t it tough to take your eyes off them? One thing you can’t ignore is brushing their fur regularly.

You can buy a hair trimmer, scissor kit or any grooming combo set. In addition to that, you also have to trim their nails and keep them clean. Try to clean the auditory canal and anal glands too.

Are Indian Spitz expensive and if yes, why is Indian Spitz so expensive?

Hell no, they are not expensive at all. It’s one of the best and affordable breeds. They have been quite famous since the ’90s. They have exceptional qualities. They are quite easy to handle too. Although they are high in demand, their prices are not too high.

It may cost around 4000 if you decide to buy a little one. On the other hand, a large-sized Indian Spitz costs around 4000-8000 Indian Rupees.

Where can I buy Indian Spitz in India?

Well well well, this breed is available in different cities across the country. You can contact your nearby store. 

Can Indian Spitz survive in India?

Indian Spitz is ideal to survive in the Indian climate. They can easily adapt to seasonal changes. They can accommodate themselves in small apartments as well as in farmhouses too.

So, If you are looking for a budget-friendly dog and want to stick to low maintenance then you must go for Indian Spitz without thinking twice.

Do Indian Spitz attack and bite their owners at any cost?

Long story short, it depends on how you treat them. Any inappropriate gesture can quickly turn their anger on.

Is Indian Spitz a good pet?

They are friendly, caring, and protective. They are highly intelligent. They can adapt themselves to any place. Their intelligence, adaptability, and looks are their identities.

They do love to socialize with people. They love their master unconditionally. They are active and playful. They are well-behaved and respond very well.

Does Indian Spitz become aggressive too?

To be honest, they hardly show aggression. They tend to show anger and aggression rarely. A little compassion from your side is enough to make them feel loved.

Is Indian Spitz dangerous?

It completely depends on how you train them. Quite a few times they can be aggressive too. But that happens rarely.

Final thoughts,

Indian Spitz is an adorable breed of dog. They are one of the best companions. It’s extremely easy to befriend them. What are you waiting for, your best playmate is waiting for you!

If some of you are already in search of Indian Spitz Price in India then…It’s your first and foremost responsibility to take care of… Any inappropriate gesture can quickly turn their anger…Indian Spitz is ideal to survive in the…A little compassion from your side is enough to make them feel loved…

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