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If we love our dogs as much as our children, we know how essential it is to care for our dog’s hygiene and health. That’s why pet grooming is a must for parents that care about their furry kids. Pet grooming is basically dog grooming where they are cleaned up, given a bath, and their physical appearance is pushed up as well.

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There has been a noticeable rise in pet parents in the last five years, and an increase in stressful and hectic lifestyles has led to a demand for professional services. Pet owners have replaced bathing a pet at home with look-good and feel-good appointments at professional pet grooming salons. Trained dog groomers take good care of our pets and look out for possible health issues that pet parents may not notice. If you’re looking for dog grooming services at home and a simple search for “pet grooming near me” led you to our Pet Care Store, then you’ve hit the jackpot. Created for dog lovers by dog lovers, the Pet Care Store is the ultimate destination for pet products, knowledge about breeds, as well as pet grooming at home.

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The role of pet groomers is to decrease dogs’ chances of having health issues by monitoring them for cuts, swelling, heat, changes in temperament, thrush, and parasites on the skin. Some of the dog grooming services include nail clipping, bathing, fur trimming, nail painting, and fur coloring. It can be a messy job to groom dogs, so concerned pet parents should hire the best professional dog grooming at home service. At Pet Care Store, we recommend the best dog groomers out there in the market, who work well with dogs and maintain a clean and hygienic workstation.